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Psychological therapy : Relationships and Psychosexual

Publications - Janice Hiller

Janice's first publication in 1993 in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy described an integrated approach to psychosexual therapy, combining psychodynamic and behavioural methods. Since then she has written many articles for the same journal, plus other peer-reviewed publications, such as The Journal of Men's Health and the BMJ.

She has contributed chapters to text books, including the syllabus for the European Society for Sexual Medicine international exam in clinical sexology. Her own co-edited book (with Heather Wood and Win Bolton), Sex, Mind and Emotion: Innovation in Psychological Theory and Practice describes a fusion of psychoanalytic, systemic and cognitive theories in conjunction with public service practice. The book deals with important and relevant topics such as the treatment of sex offenders; the compulsive use of internet pornography; the psychosexual development of adolescents growing up with HIV; the psychodynamics of unsafe sex; refugees and sexuality; services for people with gender dysphoria; psychological treatment for survivors of rape and sexual assault; and loss of sexual interest. Janice's chapters are on a biopsychosocial perspective on sexual development, and loss of sexual interest in committed relationships.

 As well as journal articles, Janice has written book reviews and has peer-reviewed papers on various psychosexual therapy topics that have been submitted for publication.